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About Us

Founded in 2009, HCE LIGHTING LTD has been involved in many LED lighting renovation projects throughout the United Kingdom. We provide LED lighting solutions and after sales customer care for our clients.

Through the last three years of trading our experience at HCE LIGHTING LTD has helped our manufacture R&D department develop a wide range of LED lighting solutions, especially suitable for the British and European market; most of them are instant replacement for the existing fitting.

We are not only simply selling LED lighting solutions but listening to  our clients, understanding what the market really needs, how to reduce electricity bill to help with the environment by not spending a great deal; we also work closely  with our client to help solve any issues and even sometimes design their unique products together with our manufacture.
Having our office based in Nottingham, we often keep a fair amount of stock in order to provide a fast and efficient after sales and customer care for a quick turnover.

For any queries or details e.g. Product brochure, please don’t hesitate to email us on