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Applications Features
Replace Fluorescent grill light, saving 55% energy Comply with RoHs, contains absolutely no Mercury or other harmful substances
Widely used in commercial lighting, indoor lighting and industrial lighting Clear or frosted diffuser using anti-UV and fireproof PC material provides softer and more conductive light
Convenient replacement, connected with 220-250V electricity via drive train Payback on energy alone under 2 years
Optional 3hrs battery back-up for emergency use Lifespan of the whole panel light over 35,0000hrs

Energy – Saving Solution

Our test figure and practical application shows that HCE LED Panel Light is proven to be the perfect replacement for Fluorescent Grill Light, details as below:

Fluorescent Grill Light HCE LED Panel Light Energy – Saving Rate
600*300mm (36W) 600*300mm (16W) 55%
600*600mm (72W) 600*600mm (32W) 55%
1200*300mm (72W) 1200*300mm (36W) 50%
1200*600mm (144W) 1200*600mm (78W) 46%


Intensity of Illumination Measurement  Light Intensity Spectrum Curve

Practical Application