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HCE LED Flood Light & Tunnel Light Applications


LED Tunnel Light Series
LED Flood Light Series
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Applications Features
Replace Halogen Flood light & Tunnel Light, saving 83% energy Comply with RoHs, contains absolutely no Mercury or other harmful substances
Widely used in recreation area, outdoor displays, security lighting, garden lighting, marquees, events and perimeter fencing IP67 rated against dust and low pressure jets of water
Convenient replacement, motion sensor can be added on Lifespan of the whole panel light over 35,0000hrs


Energy – Saving Solution

Our test figure and practical application shows that HCE LED Flood Light and Tunnel Light is proven to be the perfect replacement for Fluorescent Grill Light, details as below:

Flood &Tunnel Light HCE LED Flood & Tunnel Light Energy – Saving Rate
60 10 83%
180 30 83%
300 50 83%
420 70 83%
1000 140 86%